Our Values

Global connections & local solutions for the food & feed industry

We are committed to building successful and enduring relationships with our clients and strive to be a valued part of your success.

We listen first and then work collaboratively with you to deliver successful and pragmatic solutions to your specific needs.

We are objective and experts in our field. We empower you with our knowledge and experience and proactively seek out opportunities to add value to your business performance.

At Basis Commodities we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional in our approach.

Our Code of Conduct

A consultancy business such as Basis Commodities is built on its reputation for integrity and valuing trust. Therefore we understand and actively ensure that confidential data or information from clients and their associates is not to be disclosed to any other party.

However, this does not include information or knowledge that can reasonably be assumed to be freely available in the public domain.

In the course of doing business, Basis Commodities may come across information or knowledge that is particularly sensitive or confidential. Under no circumstances will such information be shared with any person who is not authorised to receive it.

We strive to meet the highest ethical standards in our business dealings.

We will not engage in acts of corruption and bribery.

No payments will be made as either direct or indirect payments in the nature of a bribe or payoff to secure or maintain business, or for any other purpose, to any person or organisation, including to any government official or employee, or to the representatives of any customer, supplier or competitor.

No facilitation payment in any jurisdiction will be approved or made as such activities can carry personal fines and corporate penalties in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

All payments to third parties will only be made for services or products properly provided.

Basis Commodities takes its obligations regarding the protection of personal information seriously and we are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act 1988. A full copy of Basis Commodities Privacy Policy is available upon request. If you would like a copy, please contact Basis Commodities using the contact details provided.

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