Why Choose Us?

Basis Commodities has over 70 years cumulative experience and knowledge gained in the international commodity industry. We have developed and continue to enjoy strong relationships with a number of global partners, suppliers and traders. We provide independent non-aligned advice to a number of commodity traders, processors and storage providers.


Basis Commodities - Why Choose Us

We assist our clients with their procurement and risk management strategies as well as helping them to identify and implement other opportunities for business improvement and revenue growth.

We will provide creative solutions that add real value to your business. Our team has first hand trading, management, supply chain and operational experience gained at leading, globally recognized commodity companies.

Basis Commodities
Basis Commodities

Our Values

We are committed to building successful relationships with our clients. We listen first and then work collaboratively with you to deliver successful solutions to your specific needs. By adopting a pragmatic, targeted approach we strive to become a valued part of your success.

We are proactive, we think and move fast and decisively to meet your goals.

We are objective and experts in our field. We empower you with our knowledge and experience and continuously seek out hidden opportunities to enhance your business performance.

At Basis Commodities we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional in our approach. Our focus on delivering on our promises is the key to our success - and our client's satisfaction.



Amir Abdul Latif

CEO Invictus Trading FZE

We found Basis Commodities to be a collaborative partner that has worked with us on developing new trading opportunities and providing creative solutions around procurement that have had a positive impact for our business.


Amar Ali

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Improved Foods, Kigali, Rwanda

We engaged Basis Commodities to review our supply chain for imported white maize and make improvement recommendations. From the outset Basis Commodities took a  pragmatic hands on approach to the project. They provided valuable raw material cost and next best alternative analysis which helped us to save on our raw material costs  as well as providing pragmatic assistance in securing delivery of maize from Tanzania to Rwanda during a critical supply period. 

5 Star Flour Mills - Basis Commodities

Mahmoud El Shorbaghi

Chairman, Five Star Flour Mills, Egypt

Basis Commodities has worked with the Five Star group since their foundation. They are a trusted part of the procurement team. They have always been conscientious in their work, considered in their advice and have helped us to manage grain price volatility and our supply program effectively over the last three years.


Edward Hamod

General Manager, National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing, Abu Dhabi

We engaged Basis Commodities to review our supply chain from Australia and identify and implement opportunities for improving our procurement task. Not only did they work with us on restructuring our approach to suppliers they have taken an effective role in helping us to develop new ways of managing the risk associated with the supply of raw materials.

Emerald Grain - Basis Commodities

John Murray

Former CEO, Emerald Grain

We found our partnership with Basis Commodities to be fruitful on a number of different levels. Apart from giving us valuable insight into developing an effective international marketing strategy, Basis Commodities also offered pragmatic advice to ensure successful implementation and guided us through the diverse risk management aspects associated with expanding a business globally. They also assisted us through a challenging strategic options process in which they had to delicately manage diverse views and cultural differences.

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Our Code of Conduct

A consultancy business such as Basis Commodities is built on its reputation for integrity and valuing trust. Therefore we understand and actively ensure that confidential data or information from clients and their associates is not to be disclosed to any other party.

However, this does not include information or knowledge that can reasonably be assumed to be freely available in the public domain.

In the course of doing business, Basis Commodities may come across information or knowledge that is particularly sensitive or confidential. Under no circumstances will such information be shared with any person who is not authorised to receive it.

We strive to meet the highest ethical standards in our business dealings.

We will not engage in acts of corruption and bribery.

No payments will be made as either direct or indirect payments in the nature of a bribe or payoff to secure or maintain business, or for any other purpose, to any person or organisation, including to any government official or employee, or to the representatives of any customer, supplier or competitor.

No facilitation payment in any jurisdiction will be approved or made as such activities can carry personal fines and corporate penalties in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

All payments to third parties will only be made for services or products properly provided.

Basis Commodities takes its obligations regarding the protection of personal information seriously and we are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act 1988. A full copy of Basis Commodities Privacy Policy is available upon request. If you would like a copy, please contact Basis Commodities using the contact details provided.