Grains & Animal Feed Procurement

Global connections & local solutions for the food & feed industry

With over 60 years combined experience in sourcing, handling, transporting and trading various agricultural commodities around the globe, the team are ideally placed to introduce you to reputable, reliable suppliers and provide experienced and cost-effective operational support.

Finding and managing reputable, reliable suppliers takes a lot of time and effort. We empower you with our global network of trusted suppliers of agricultural commodities and supply chain and risk management services.

Basis Commodities can assist with:

  • Supplier selection
  • Assist in selecting "fit for purpose" raw materials and associated quality control & assurance including inspection
  • Coordinating supply chain logistics and shipping
  • Arranging visits to potential suppliers
  • Negotiating pricing, delivery terms and obtaining samples
  • Improve clients' procurement strategies and help them to better manage their business risk
  • Accumulation services
  • Contract management and global trade execution
  • Technical Support
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