Supply Chain Services

With over 70 years experience in sourcing, handling, transporting and trading various commodities around the globe we are ideally placed to introduce you to reputable, reliable suppliers and consumers or assist you in identifying continuous improvement opportunities for your business.

Sourcing trusted, cost effective suppliers & adding value

Finding and managing reputable, reliable suppliers takes a lot of time and effort. We connect you with our global network of trusted suppliers of quality commodities and services.

Basis Commodities is committed and pro-active in our approach to:

  • Supplier selection
  • Assisting with quality control and product specifications
  • Coordinating logistics, supply chain and shipping
  • Arranging visits to potential suppliers
  • Negotiating pricing, delivery terms and obtaining samples
  • Commodity inspection and quality control services
  • Efficient freight management and consolidation of shipments.
Basis Commodities Sourcing Suppliers
Basis Commodities Supply Chain

International market access & representation

Our experienced team of international commodity and supply chain specialists provide expert insights into global market access and strategies to increase market knowledge and information.

Basis Commodities can leverage this experience and our relationships to:

  • Ensure the best opportunities for international supply and demand are realized
  • Establish a real value proposition for our clients through our in-depth understanding of the ever changing global market
  • Represent and enhance our clients' businesses internationally
  • Improve clients' procurement strategies and help them to better manage their business risk

Trade execution, finance, FX and business solutions

With our depth of experience and decades of global trade facilitation, we can bring valuable insights and improvements to our clients' trade flows and supply chain.

Basis Commodities has the in-house expertise and JV relationships to provide assistance and advice on the execution of:

  • Contract management and global trade execution
  • Treasury and trade finance
  • Foreign exchange and international settlements
Basis Commodities Supply Chain
Basis Commodities Sourcing Suppliers

Market intelligence & analysis

Knowledge is power and market intelligence is the enabler of success. Our experienced team of global commodity professionals have access to a vast number of market resources.

Basis Commodities can acquire, analyse and present this information tailored to our clients' specific requirements. We can develop this resource to:

  • Provide competitive insights and comparisons within our client's industry sector
  • Develop market insight and understanding for our clients
  • Identify key themes and trends that are constantly emerging in global markets
  • Assess competitive threats and organizational changes in the market
  • Leverage our client's brand for greater market acceptance and relevance.

Project management & advice

Our team has significant experience in both brownfield enhancement projects and greenfield project development and commissioning.

Basis Commodities can leverage this experience and our relationships to:

  • Ensure best practice and timely project completion is achieved
  • Provide independent advice and input
  • Enact commercial solutions that save real dollars and improve our client's functionality
  • Scale the approach and develop solutions that are tailored to suit a client's organisation and goals
Basis Commodities - Project Management