Risk Management

With over 70 years experience in sourcing, handling, transporting and trading various commodities around the globe we are ideally placed to introduce you to reputable, reliable suppliers and consumers or assist you in identifying continuous improvement opportunities for your business.

Basis Commodities - Expertise


Extensive practical experience of global commodity price risk management within our specialised field of Agri Commodities.

We aim to embed our skills in your business. We work with you, your board, commercial, finance, accounting staff, auditors, banks and systems providers to develop unique solutions.

We give you cost efficient access to our principals when you need them; a combined 70+ years of experience. Marginal overhead and experienced answers.

Introducing you to quality counterparty options and assisting you in evaluating which relationships provide the solutions for your business.

Risk Management

Pinpointing your price risks and what causes them, from pricing to physical to logistical, a fully holistic view

Fully describing your pricing risks, how they can be managed and putting a more systematic approach in place

Establishing the targets that must be met and how they are measured.

Risk Management
Basis Commodities - Risk Minimisation

Risk Minimisation

Implementing Risk Management and Reporting Systems. Developing systems for you that manage and report on risk activities inherent in your business.

Explaining agreements and associated administration you need to have in place, we simplify the process and explain the impacts on your business.

We assist our customers in the placement and timing of your hedges with a macro view of the global market.

We help you analyse and understand the dynamics behind the market and help you take advantage of the information.