Balco Australia looks to Middle East for additional demand


Balco Australia has enlisted the advice and support of Basis Commodities to assist with developing fodder markets in the Middle East. The partnership recognises the demand potential of one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

“Basis Commodities has a large and trusted network of contacts in the feed and foodstuffs sector, and we are looking to tap into that network” confirmed Rob Lawson, Managing Director of Balco Australia. “ Our Investment in additional processing capacity  created the need for new markets and the Middle East offers so much potential for Australian fodder in particular so we needed a regional expert to set us on the right track. We started working with the Basis team in 2018 and although we have suffered through two years of drought and limited exports they have already been able to make sales into the region for us” said Rob.

“These markets are experiencing rapid population growth, a huge rate of urbanisation and in many cases have phased out subsidies for local animal feed production and therefore in our view will be major consumers of feed and fodder going forward” said Chris Whitwell, Managing Director of Basis Commodities. 

“Each country in the region has a different way of sourcing and buying their animal feed, and the business culture is based on relationships, so we assist Balco in managing these dynamics” says Elias Azar, General Manager of Basis Commodities Dubai office.

Both companies are enthusiastic about the opportunities that come with the bounce back in Australian fodder production in 2020/21 and see great potential to grow sales into the region this year. “There’s a lot to do, and strong competition, but we have a great team and Australian Oaten Hay is second to none, so we are excited about the possibilities for growth” commented Balco Australia’s technical advisor, Pat Guerin.